Roma Kong

Director - Editor - Producer


LA based film director, editor and Producer, who strives to create content that inspires and entertains a big audience.


My love for movies and storytelling started at a very young age. From the short age of 3, when I was making up adventure stories about characters traveling through time and space by being trapped by a portal I aptly named ‘the circle of time’; to my parents taking me to the movie theater every single week from the age of 5. Movies and fantastical stories have always been a main part of my life.

My journey in the entertainment industry started also quite early. I attended the National School of Ballet in Peru from the age of 11 until I was 18. I got my BA in Communications from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola. Worked as a show and event director and producer after graduating, and led the production of the first ever and hugely successful International Young Dancers Festival in the country. Moved to LA to pursue my MFA in Film and Television Production from USC, the school of my dreams. And I’ve been here ever since.

During my time as a Trojan, I made countless short films and interned at Nickelodeon for the Social Media team, where they put me in charge of shooting and editing all their video content. After graduation, I started as an editor at the Disney Digital Network, where I edit content for some of my favorite Disney IPs. I also continue to work with Nickelodeon. And have more recently, edited a video for DC Comics, highlighting one of their most successful artists.

As a storyteller, I believe that at the core of every great story are great characters that move the story forward, and not the other way around. Creating and developing legendary characters is the most important part of my vision as a filmmaker. And inspiring and entertaining people of all ages is my main goal.

In my free time, I spend time missing my dog back in Peru and enjoy watching football (or soccer, as they call it over here), geeking out about Lord of the Rings and Marvel and debating Game of Thrones theories that never came to pass (the disappointment is real).

If you think we could collaborate on something awesome together, contact me!